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We Have Experience.

Over 55 years combined experience in the Financial Services Industry has given us the ability to assess and understand what our clients concerns and needs are. We are a family owned company employing family people. We have many of the same needs as you and can provide solutions that meet these needs.

We Have Passion.

We have a passion for what we do. We are driven by the desire to provide our clients and their families with a range of solutions that will protect their lifestyle, no matter what life may throw at them. We ensure that you and your family have Cash Flow, Certainty and Choice while you are alive, before and after retirement, PLUS ensure your family's living standards are protected after you have passed away.

We Do the Research.

We take the time to identify and document your current needs and future goals. We then utilise a number of tools that enable us to research the marketplace to find the best solution for you. We have total impartiality when recommending a product. No reliance on, or bias towards one provider means that you will get the best available products for your own particular needs.

Why waste your time shopping around when we will do the research for you?

You Get Straightforward Advice.

It's all in plain English. No jargon, just clear-cut advice on how to enhance and protect your financial well being.

You Make the Decisions From a Position of Knowledge.

All our recommendations are detailed within a personal report to you. This report will provide you with the knowledge that you need to make the correct decisions for you and your family. No sales at the first interview or without a written report. This allows our clients to relax, focus on the bigger picture and gain knowledge in their own time and without any pressure.

You Get the Best Quality Products at the Best Price.

We passionately dislike seeing anyone wasting their hard earned dollars and time on poor quality products that are no longer relevant to their current or future needs.

Let us review your plans to ensure that you do not receive a nasty shock in the future.

You Get Access to a Wide Range of Financial Advice.

We work alongside a number of associates who specialise in other sectors of the Financial Services Industry. Should you require additional advice, which is outside our areas of expertise, we have a network of professionals that we will recommend.

We Believe in Long Term Relationships.

We provide annual relevancy check-ups. This ensures that your cover will always fit with your ever changing circumstances. Our promise to you is that, should you need to make a Claim, we will walk you and/or your family through the claim process.



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