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Cents of Worth Learning Portal

We work with people who want to get clarity and confidence over their money, and
help them align this with how they want to live their life.

We believe that our Financial well-being is linked to our Physical and Mental Well-being. By getting your money life under control, you can focus on things that are more important in your life. We aim to show you the ways to take charge of your financial life, so you can spend less time thinking about money but know you have a solid plan in place for the future.

Our Cents of Worth learning portal has an in-depth range of course options from our complimentary get started program, with six videos to help you not just build a budget, but create a money system and take back control of your money, through to a more in-depth Get Sorted program which guides you in building your financial roadmap, covering goal-setting and planning, through to insurances, managing debt, investing and estate planning.

Looking at purchasing your first home? we have a specifically designed course to set you on the right path to making this goal a reality.

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