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Health Insurance

Medical and Health Insurance provide you choice. The choice to get medical treatment when you want and need it.

New Zealand provides a very good health system for urgent needs – broken bones, severe heart attacks. You’ll be straight into the health system which is fantastic. Where our system is not quite so strong, is things that are deemed ‘non-urgent’. For these, you will end up with two options – pay to get the treatment straight away, or go on a waiting list.

Not all Medical and Health insurance plans are created equal, there are options to have surgical/hospital cover, and add-on other benefits. These include specialist visits, dental and optical treatments, and GP visits. Some policies allow you to cover children only as well. At CIC Financial, we can show you the various options, and allow you to make an informed decision.


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Working with Kieran has been a great experience! My partner and I were looking for some finance guidance in regards to KiwiSaver, and Kieran went above and beyond to educate us in how the system worked. He even managed to sort our health insurance for my American partner, who was on a work visa. He and his team were entirely professional and we enjoy working with them.


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