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Ownership Insurance

Ownership Insurance is about protecting the value you have worked hard to achieve in your business.

It allows your family to turn the value of your business into cash. And it allows for your business partners to retain control of the business and continue to trade.

It is important that the Ownership Insurance is backed by your Shareholders Agreement, or a Buy-Sell Agreement. We work with you, your Accountant and Legal advisers to make sure this is put into place, and that it works together with the insurance to provide you certainty. There are three key areas the agreement should cover:

  • Timing – when does the agreement come into force?
  • Valuation – how is the business to be valued?
  • Funding – what insurance is in place to fund the transfer of the business?

We go through the options with you on each of these, and help you to develop an effective business exit plan.

Ownership Insurance - CIC Financial | Christchurch Insurance Center

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