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Total Permanent Disability

If you are unlikely to be able to work again, Total Permanent Disability provides you with a pay-out. While we all hope this is not going to happen to us, a payment gives you time and options to make lifestyle changes and reduces financial stress.

Total Permanent Disability combines with other components of your insurance planning, such as Income Protection and Trauma Insurance. By combining these covers, we fill the gaps and make sure different scenarios are covered.

A common area we cover is the shortfall in income between your Income Protection and your actual income. In addition, we also look at having some funds available to prepare for adjustments to your life if you are unable to work again.

We can help you understand how Total Permanent Disability works in your insurance plan, and whether it is for you.

Permanent Disability Cover - CIC Financial | Christchurch Insurance Center

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Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we encounter. If you have your own question, feel free to enter it below or simply get in contact with us, we’d love to help you with your query.

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Contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll try and make life as easy as possible for you as possible. We’re there to advocate for you to help you get paid.

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Kieran has been amazing throughout this whole process, we couldn’t have done it without you. Even the really tricky information you always explained everything really well for us and we were able to put complete trust in you to get everything sorted for us. Thanks so much!


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