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Poasa Alaifea

Financial Adviser

e. [email protected]

Talofa! I am Registered Financial Adviser studying towards a Level 5 Certificate in Financial Services.

Originally from a construction background, I started out as an inexperienced labourer and worked my way upward into a managerial Forman’s role as a temporary structural engineer. I enjoyed my work, was well paid and had ambitions within the industry, I had recently married, and my wife and I were expecting our first child together and then it happened….

On the 11th of November 2017 I experienced a significant life event that left me hospitalised for a month. With a heavily pregnant wife I lost my ability to continue working. In an instant, our family income had reduced significantly. We had limited control over our situation and suffered a great deal of uncertainty. Fortunately for Nina and I, we were able to survive financially but this got me thinking about those who might find themselves in a similar predicament. No one can predict when these rocky times will come. Redundancy, injury and illness are all very REAL situations that happen to REAL people!

The most positive outcome from this experience was my personal motivation to reach as many New Zealanders as possible, to ensure they are protected should a similar life changing event occur to them. I’m motivated to educate and help people protect themselves, their families and businesses when rocky times occur, allowing them to focus on the truly important things.

My aspirations are towards building a better New Zealand by ensuring quality financial advice is accessible to all. Diversity is something I actively embrace and I’m currently working within the Pacific Island community to promote financial, mental, physical health and wellbeing. Being bilingual in Samoan enables me to connect on a deeper level and provide a greater sense of understanding to our Samoan clients. I appreciate the value that being culturally aware brings to my working relationships.

When away from the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Nina and children; Storm and Cleo. I have a love of sports and until my accident enjoyed playing a range of sports from Rugby League to Tennis. I currently coach a representative Rugby League team and still enjoy working out at the gym.

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