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Self-employed: do you know your ACC options?

Are you paying over the odds on your ACC levies? Every dollar counts when you’re self-employed, and having control over what you’re paying for various types of protection is crucial.

If you’d like to find out if you’re paying the right levies for the right cover, read on…

Close the gap, save and strengthen your cover.

Your ACC levy entitles you to ACC Cover Plus insurance, which pays 80% of your past 12 months’ taxable income in the event of a personal injury. In a nutshell, ACC covers you should you be injured and unable to work, but it does not cover time off work for illness or medical conditions. And here’s the thing: according to research*, New Zealanders are 1.8 times more likely to be out of work for six months or more as a result of illness, than they are due to accident.

Enter ACC CoverPlus Extra.

Available specifically for self-employed Kiwis, ACC Cover Plus Extra offers three key benefits:

  1. You can agree an amount of cover with ACC in the event of injury to suit your personal circumstances.
  2. You’ll receive 100% of the agreed amount until you are back at work full-time.
  3. You don’t need to prove your income in the event of a claim; often meaning you’ll receive your compensation faster.
  4. And importantly, by being in control of how much ACC compensation you would need if you were injured, you can choose to reduce your ACC levy and free-up funds to secure stronger cover that will protect you in the event of illness.

How to find savings and strengthen your protection.

Let’s get together. We can take a look at your existing ACC compensation levels and levies and your private insurance – income protection, health or trauma – needs. A simple review will highlight what you could save on your ACC levies to suit your personal circumstances, and the areas we could apply those savings to secure stronger cover in the event of an illness. Get in touch today for greater control over your protection.

Find out more about ACC CoverPlus Extra by clicking here

*Income Protection Survey, July 2015, conducted by Horizon Research and presented to the Financial Services Council, Mind the Gap Seminar, 17 November 2015.

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