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Well-being and Daily Routines

Financial Wellbeing
I thought I’d share part of my daily habits and routines that I’m finding even more important than usual while being at home.
My philosophy is around finding balance, and taking care of my overall well-being. I fundamentally believe that our well-being is built on three areas that interconnect – Physical, Financial and Mental well-being.
Every morning in my journal, I write 
down something under each of these areas that will help me move forward in these areas, and keep my life in balance. I even got to the stage where I decided to create my own journals and had these printed last year so I could start my day the way I wanted.
At this moment, our “normal” life has been turned upside down. Making sure that I focus on these things, just like I normally would, helps to give me some focus or purpose for the day.
These are looking a little different that would they normally would. I thought I would share some examples from the first few days of being at home:
– Ring two friends/family members to just chat.
– Meditate for 10 minutes.
– Read a book for an hour.
– Build a back-up plan in case this takes longer than I think.
– Look at what unnecessary expenditure I could remove from our lives.
– Help others with their financial well-being.
– Review my business plans, and how the current environment changes them.
Note, this is a big one for me, and helps me clear my head. At present, I am trying to adjust my activities to cater for staying at home.
– Take a walk for 30 minutes.
– Daily bodyweight exercises.
– Ride on my indoor bike trainer.
– Yoga
Let me know if you want to check out the daily planner/journals I setup for myself. I am happy to send you through the PDF file if you want to try and put something similar into your everyday life. Send me a personal note on [email protected] and I’ll send it through.
Take care

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