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Why financial planning is for everyone

Why financial planning is for everyone

Why financial planning is for everyone

So you think financial planning is only for people with lots of money to invest? Think again. Financial planning is for everyone and having the right financial plan will not only help you grow the money you do have, but will help you save in other areas, to provide more cash flow for your family.

Here are four surprising ways a financial planner – like us – could help you.

Know your ‘money personality’

As your financial planners, we’re not just here to help you invest your money wisely. We will also help you understand your financial personality – what you spend your money on and why.

And once you understand this, we can work with you on strategies to cut back on the unnecessary spending and put that money towards your financial goals – whether they are investing, or paying off debt.


When you do your own budget, if you go off track, the only person who knows is you. In a way, that makes it easier to justify the extra $200 that got spent rather than paid off debt.

But with us working out your budget and helping you set your goals, you become more accountable for the money you are spending, making sticking to a budget easier.


Don’t forget that we can help you simplify your savings – and your debt, which can save you money in fees and interest.

For example, if you have four different savings accounts, all with a monthly fee, we may recommend you consolidate your accounts, saving you money on fees each month. Perhaps you have some personal loans or credit card debt? It’s our job to help you put in place strategies to pay off the debt as quickly as possible, saving you money in interest – and credit card fees

Cash flow

As financial planners, we not only work with you to save more and pay off debt. We can also use your budget to help you create cash flow.

Always feel like you’re living payday to payday – or sometimes a few days late meeting a bill payment? We will work your budget to not only make sure you are paying your bills and debts, but that the cash is there at the right time to do it.


The bottom line? Talk to us about how we could help you and your family thrive financially – even if you don’t have thousands to invest.

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